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Tamar’s Brother

BY LAINIE FEFFERMAN I am so used to anachronous sexual politics in the Bible, but the sibling relationship in the story of Tamar’s rape hit me hard. I have no brothers by blood, but looking at a sibling as a perpetrator instead of an ally horrifies me on a primal...

Beauty Links

BY JESSICA GROSS As usual, now that our LABA discussions have primed me toward BEAUTY, the subject has been leaping out at me from all corners, from the highbrow to the lowbrow: Critic Mark Harris examines the media’s willful refusal to acknowledge Melissa McCarthy’s dependable bankability and talent at performing diverse roles:...

Quotes on Beauty

BY JESSICA GROSS Beauty, beauty everywhere. The latest quotes, for your reading pleasure: “When images of physical beauty serve to diminish the depth of a woman’s personhood, we should reject them. And when they seem to restore an appreciation of that which has been devalued, or to be attached to...

Lior Zalmanson discusses “Swipe Me Right”

On Thursday, March 17, LABAlive will present an evening of theater and subversive teachings exploring our relationship with beauty. The evening will feature teachings by Ruby Namdar and work by fellows Kendell Pickney, Joshua Max Feldman, and Lior Zalmanson, who will present his neo-cabaret, Swipe Me Right. Here, Zalmanson talks about his project and the inspiration he found in our house of...



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