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DRUNK is back!

DRUNK Other Wine: A Night of Art, Drinking and Torah Thursday, January 12 @ 7:30 Join us as we kick off our 2017 LABA Season with our annual event, DRUNK.  Join us for a night of wine, performance, and study as we explore this year’s LABA Season OTHER. Learn More HERE....

An Inside Look at Yehuda Hyman’s, The Mar Vista

For the past three years, Brooklyn playwright, dancer, choreographer and actor Yehuda Hyman has been developing The Mar Vista, a five-part narrative of his Jewish working-class family’s saga. The piece, generated as a collaboration with the Mystical Feet Company (Ezra Lowrey, Ron Kagan, Amanda Schussel, Ryan Pater, Dwight Richardson Kelly),...

Meet Fellow Abigail Katz

Abigail Katz serves as Director of New Play Development for Atlantic Theater Company where she has been on the artistic staff since 2009.  In 2014 she expanded Atlantic’s play development program by creating the Amplified Reading Series and Launch Commission for early career writers. She was previously Literary Associate and...

On Towers and Monuments

On Towers and Monuments Tirtzah Bassel and Hanan Elstein for the LABA Journal November 10th,  2016 During our last session we studied the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) and then looked at four works of art that related in some way to the story. A few days later, Tirtzah and...

LABA Resident Scholar Ruby Namdar on OTHER

LABA Resident Scholar Ruby Namdar on OTHER Otherness, the mirror in front of which the self is defined, comes in many forms and shades. The most obvious circles of Otherness are the socially defined ones: species, race, religion, ethnicity, the relationship to minorities and misfits within one’s own society. Otherness...

The Evasive OTHER

LABA Journal’s Editor Hanan Elstein: Should We Discuss OTHER? OTHER is a highly explosive theme, especially beyond its limited political scope and current obvious relevance. The notion of the Other, be it phenomenological, existential or psychological, is inherently elusive and resists a single coherent definition. Thinkers as well as artists,...



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